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We're Here for You

For most Americans, the decision to purchase residential property is the most important investment made in a lifetime.


Who better to understand the potential in growth and vision for your local community than a company that shares the streets you stroll every day?


Since 1988, Community Mortgage has been servicing the people of Memphis, Chattanooga, North Mississippi, and our surrounding neighborhoods.


Some of our loan officers have been with Community Mortgage for over 20 years, and although the days of doing business on a handshake have been lost to computer screens and the tap or two of a key, Community Mortgage harnesses the best of both worlds.


Welcome to Community Mortgage. Download our PDF to learn how our Community can help you.


Download our PDF: Welcome to Community Mortgage

Our Lending Territory

Community Mortgage is licensed to originate home loans in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia and Alabama.  Our headquarters is located on Timber Creek Drive in Cordova, Tennessee and we have branches in:

-East Memphis (Crump Mortgage)

-Olive Branch, MS

-Oxford, MS

-Chattanooga, TN

-Nashville, TN

-Huntsville, AL

-Central Arkansas

-Atlanta, GA


Click Here to find more information about our branch locations.

Don't live near one of our branches?  That's no problem!  As long as you're looking to buy in one of the states we are licensed in, we should be able to accommodate you.  Contact a loan officer today for more information.

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