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Community Mortgage

Signing an eNote

If your Promissory Note is sent electronically, you will see a separate task in your loan portal task list entitled "eNote".  To eSign your Promissory Note, please follow this step-by-step guide on the day of closing (prior to your closing appointment):

1) To begin, click on the "Begin" button under the eNote task in your Incomplete Tasks list.


2) Click the pencil icon next to the Promissory Note document.


3) Review the document and then click the yellow Sign Here marker.


4) Click the Finalize button.


5) Click Document List.


6) (Optional) If you would like to save a copy of the Promissory Note, click the Download icon.


7) Click the Logout button to complete the process.


Important Note: please check your incomplete task list for additional closing documents that need signatures.  Additional documents will be signed through DocuSign similar to how your initial disclosures were signed at the beginning of the loan process.

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