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Why do we encrypt emails with sensitive information?

At Community Mortgage, the security of your private information is of the utmost importance.  One of the steps we take to ensure this security is the use of email encryption, which can prevent private information from being intercepted and read by unauthorized parties.  Email encryption serves multiple purposes to help secure your private information:

  • Your information is encrypted in transit which means that if it were to be intercepted while travelling to your inbox, it would not be readable.

  • Your information remains encrypted until you are ready to read it.  If someone got temporary access to your inbox and downloaded all of your emails, they would not have access to the information in these secured emails.

  • Encrypted emails expire after 30 days.  This helps protect your private information if your inbox were ever compromised in the future.

Encrypted Email Access

Encrypted Mail Troubleshooting

While Microsoft 365 is one of the most used platforms in the industry, compatibility issues still exist.  Here are the most common reported issues that we see:

I'm not receiving my one-time code to log in.

The one-time passcode email will typically arrive within 30 seconds.  Please check your spam folder for emails from  If the email is not there and you are on a business email address, your email administrator may be blocking emails from  In this case, you can either reach out to your email administrator, or provide us with an alternative email address to send to.

The Microsoft Encryption Portal will not load.

If you are on a business device or internet connection, your corporate firewall may be blocking the site.  Try to access the site from a different browser first.  If that does not work, you will need to request that the site be added to your firewall whitelist or access the site from a personal internet connection.

The Microsoft Encryption Portal is blocked, but my employer will not unblock.  I do not have any other access to internet.

If you are unable to access the portal, just let us know.  We can send the message via Microsoft's legacy encryption protocol or through a secure file sharing service called Microsoft OneDrive.

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