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I haven't received an email from

Check you spam/quarantine folder.  If you are using a business email address, check with your email administrator to ensure that messages from are not being blocked.  If you are still not seeing the message, contact your Loan Officer and to make sure we have an accurate email address for you.

I'm getting an error message that says an account has already been created.

You will only create one account for a loan transaction.  If you created an account earlier in the process, you will use that same account to log in. If you share an email address with a coborrower, make sure you have opened the correct email.  Each borrower will receive a separate email with a unique link.

I don't remember my username.

You can use the "Forgot your username" link on the login page to retrieve your username.

I don't remember my password.

You can use the "Forgot your password" link on the login page to reset your password.

I can open my loan portal, but I cannot complete signing.

This is most often linked to portions of the website being blocked by a corporate firewall.  If you're accessing Consumer Connect from a work network, you can either contact your company network administrator to ensure nothing is being blocked, or wait and try again from a home network.

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