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What in the Heck is Tidewater in VA Loans?

Everything You Need to Know...

A low appraisal can make it even more difficult for a realtor to sell a home. Fortunately, there is an alert for realtors that will give them enough time to support the listing price of the property. This is called tidewater.

What is Tidewater? If the VA appraiser believes that the actual home value will be lower than the listing price, they will invoke tidewater. This is simply a heads up that gives the listing agent 48 hours to support the listing price.

What Needs to Be Submitted in 48 Hours? Within 48 hours, the listing agent will need to submit all of the following:

  • Recent sales

  • A list of improvements

  • Other comps

What Happens Next? After this information is submitted, the lender will send the it to underwriting and then to the VA. Tidewater is a very helpful alert that can help make the appraisal process less painful for you.

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