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Tools for Small Business Part 2

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

If you are a...

Video Master

operating at 100% Productivity

and all of your Marketing Systems are locked and laser focused....


Now for the rest of us.. Gather around the Screen.

Whether you are a Solopreneur, Small Business Owner, Marketer, anyone Really....

Here are some very Helpful, Cheap or FREE Tools that you should Dive Into...

1. BombBomb

BombBomb is an app and online platform we use for ALL of our videos on this blog.

Record the video on your phone or on a webcam -> Upload it straight into your video library

From there you can embed them directly into an email. YES, into the email. No link, no Click Here to Watch. It plays in the email. Like this....

2. Monday

Monday is a project management tool. I know, you may think, "I'm not building an office building. Why would I need this?"

Are you working on a proposal with a business partner?

Are you a Realtor communicating with a seller and a Buyer's agent?

Are you a General Contractor working with a homeowner?

Are you a PTA President working with your committee on a fundraiser?

Think of it as a visual, trackable, sharable, platform for all parties to collaborate and stay updated in real time.

Bye, Bye, email subject line: What is the Status on....

3. The Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Podcast

If you haven't jumped on the Podcast Bandwagon get in..we saved you a seat...

This podcast is great for anyone at any level of their marketing strategy.

The Host Dawn Marrs & Traci Reurter deliver marketing education in easy to digest episodes that cover so many topics:

Branding | Sales Funnels | Facebook Ads | Social Media Strategy | Website Basics | Scaling Your Business | Etc

Really just 392 Episodes of Wisdom for any business person...and yes, even we are subscribers.

You can find this podcast for free on Apple or Stitcher

Are you Self Employed?

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