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Getting a Mortgage: The First Step

Papers..and Statements..and Blood Type..OH MY!

Noooo....we don't need you blood type! Save that for your doctor.

"What do you need from me?" This is the most common questions we get when someone is ready to buy a home.

The Short Answer: It Depends

Are you a W2 or Salary Employee? OR Are you Self Employed?

This answer will give you your answer.

If you are a Salary Employee, we will ask for:

  1. Pay Stubs- last 30 days

  2. W2s- last 2 years

  3. Bank Statements- 60 days

  4. Retirement Accounts- last quarterly statement

  5. Photo ID

  6. Homeowners' Insurance Contact Info

If you are a Self Employed, we will as for:

  1. All of the Above, plus

  2. Tax Returns- Last 2 years

  3. Tax Liabilities

  4. Profit/Loss Statement

Something to Think About...

There are some lenders and online mortgage companies that do not ask for these documents up front to pre-qualify you. It is true, these pieces of information are not required to be qualified to buy.

However, we do our very best to give our clients a Fantastic Experience. This starts with a Competitive, Solid Pre-Approval, backed by our due diligence.

You can house shop with confidence that you will Close & Close On Time.

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