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Do's & Don'ts NOW that You are Pre-Approved

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

You Did it!

You have visited exactly 347 houses,

asked 1523 questions,

managed your expectations,

& battled it out with 6 other buyers' offers,

and claimed VICTORY! *THEY LIKED YOU! They REALLY liked You!*

In a few short weeks you will be walking into that gosh-darn-adorable house!

Rebecca Pool from our Chattanooga office will explain a few things to keep in mind and avoid any pitfalls...

Do.. 1. Keep your Paystubs - we will need 30 days 2. Keop your Bank Statements - we will need 30/60 days 3. Pay all bills on time 4. Maintain no overdrafts in your bank account

Don't.. 1. Make any Large Purchases - it's so hard to say no to that new couch that went on sale, but be strong! We believe in you! 2. Change Jobs - it's a huge deal for your lending process 3. Open New Accounts/Credit Lines - looking at you, Hyundai Santa Fe 4. Make Large Deposits - sounds crazy, but funds have to be seasoned (60 days) and sourced 5. Move Money Around between Accounts - Freeze!..just for a bit.

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