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Judy Crenshaw

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One loan does not fit all! I offer over twenty years of experience assisting thousands of clients in choosing the right loan product to fit their individual needs. Community Mortgage is a direct endorsement lender with In-House Origination, Underwriting and Closing Packages which include funding at the closing.

Not only are we one of the largest, most respected lenders in the Mid-South area, but we shop the market for you, and offer a vast array of loan products at the most competitive rates. From A+ to less than perfect credit we offer quality service and dependable results, without surprises or hidden charges. Feel free to set up an appointment to review all of your available options, or save time and apply online. For all your mortgage needs... contact me... anytime!

I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.


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What my clients have to say:

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Laura Doyle


Working with Judy Crenshaw and her team was a good experience, and I would recommend her to others!

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Theodore Oliver


Community Mortgage was by far the best mortgage company I’ve ever used for buying a home. Judy Crenshaw and her team was always available to assist with any questions or concerns every step of the way through our entire home buying process. This isn’t my first home, rather it’s my second home, considering I’ve been stationed in Virginia for the last 18 years of my military career, and for my next for years I’ve just got stationed in Tennessee. Community Mortgage made everything super easy, clear and concise when it came to filling out the paperwork required, as well as their portal which is really user friendly when it comes to filling out any missing or required paperwork for your next home. Lynda Thompson who works with Judy Crenshaw at Community Mortgage as also very helpful in my process by providing top notch masterful customer service to ensure that we had a smooth closing process when it was time to close. To be honest I don’t really do reviews since I believe they are a wast of time, and most people truly don’t read them. Though if you are one of those people who read reviews like my wife lol, then just know that I believed I would be doing Community Mortgage, Judy Crenshaw, and her team a disservice by not providing a review. Additionally, I wouldn’t pick another mortgage company to provide my family and myself that piece of mind when it comes to purchasing a home when it comes to someone being there every step of the way. Did I mention that Judy Crenshaw was present at my closing and was there still making sure that all of our needs were being taken care of. In closing, if you want that down south, southern hospitality, feel like you’re at home or dealing with a company that has your best interest, then Community Mortgage is where you want to be. Her honesty, her approach, and complete understanding of the home buying process is unequivocally one of the best that I’ve experienced hands down. Community Mortgage, Judy Crenshaw and her team, thank you for a job well done, Bravo Zulu.

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Raven Griffin


Judy and Lynda were both super helpful from getting my pre-approval, to my great rate with an escalating market, to efficient closing, and most of all great customer service. I appreciate you both dearly. The communication was swift and not one service provided was subpar. Thank you and I also thank my realtor Heather Timmons for recommending Community Mortgage.

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