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How To Start

How to Start

Working towards a home purchase with Community Mortgage is a commitment to success. Just as we honor your decisions and value your feedback throughout the process, we need your assistance to complete the transaction on or before the contract-specified date.

Expect to furnish various documentation needed to verify your financial picture, including: recent paystubs, bank statements, asset statements, current loan statements and payout information or history as a tenant, and more.  Often, we will ask for some of the documentation to be updated as we near the closing date. Remember this is a normal part of the process.

We will update your Realtor throughout the loan process and look for their additional support to ensure a successful on-time closing through our one-of-a-kind In Touch Process. The In Touch Process provides all parties, on both sides, clear and concise email communication every step of the way, so you know where you stand in the loan process.

Familiar territory is easy to navigate. Download our PDF for application tips to help you along the way. Download our PDF: Application Tips

Mortgage Checklist

With Community Mortgage, on time closings are the rule, not the exception. Our success is a collaborative effort that includes you, the buyer. Below, find a Mortgage Checklist that outlines the documents that will help us move the loan process forward as quickly as possible:

  • Pay Stubs – the last thirty (30) days
  • W2s – the last two (2) years
  • Tax Returns – the last two (2) yeas, signed and dated copies. Consult with your loan officer.
  • Bank Statements – the last two (2) months, all pages, all accounts
  • 401k, IRA and Retirement Accounts – the last quarterly statements(s), all pages to include the Terms of Withdrawal
  • Photo ID – legible copy
  • Social Security Card – legible copy
  • Copy of Sales Agreement – pending purchase contract
  • Proof of Earnest Money and Appraisal payment once it has cleared your bank

Staying organized is easy with Community Mortgage. Download our PDF Application Checklist to guide your way. Download our PDF: Application Checklist