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Michael Feliciano / Client

"Great company to deal with. Community Mortgage has a staff of business professionals with a sense of humanity. It's been a pleasure working with Kevin Ruby, Kim, and Pam. I would highly recommend their services as a very pleased customer.

Thank you Kevin for making my experience more enjoyable than I remember it being with other organizations. You and your team have made the process easy and have made our dream a reality."

Brandon Herron / Client

"We really appreciate Lonnie, Pamela,and Kevin Ruby. It was such a breeze working with you all. You made this process so easy. Every step of the way was such a pleasure. We thank you all so much for everything!!! We have already and will continue to tell others about community mortgage. Thanks again for everything. You all make a great team!!!"

Allen Dantzler / Client

"I contacted Kevin Ruby to discuss purchasing a home. From the initial contact, up to closing on the home, Kevin and his team always kept me well informed on each step of the home buying process. Each time I had a question or concern, Kevin always responded promptly. The use of E-mails, and E-Signatures was new to me, but after this process, I am an ardent fan of these procedures. We were ready to close within 30 days. The entire home buying process was seamless, and smooth. I am very pleased, and satisfied that Kevin delivered 110%. Thank You."

Melvin Guy / Agent - Reid Realtors

"As a Realtor communication is key! Kevin Ruby and Pamela Frazier were great at communicating and updating me with how things were going and ensured that we had a smooth on time closing."

Jason & Jennifer Gafa / Clients

"Great team of real estate professionals ! Well done"

Durwin & Martha Taylor / Clients

"What a wonderful experience. This is our 4th home purchase and I must say it was the smoothest. Outstanding and professional staff. You all are awesome."

Daryel Pruitt / Client

"My VA approve and Loan was handle quickly and everything went smoothly. I highly recommend Community Mortgage. Thank you all for the great job you done."

Lakisha Johnson / Client

"When my husband and I began the process of buying a new home, we never thought we could actually build one. But we worked hard for two years and with the help of Regency Homebuilders and Community Mortgage, our dream became a reality. Mr. Ruby and his team made sure we were up to date on everything. Loni and Pamela were thorough in the process to make sure we had everything we needed to close. Even when our closing date was pushed back, they kept us in the know. I would definitely recommend this entire team to anyone looking to purchase a home."

Darren Stewart / Client

"Working with Community Mortgage on my new home purchase in January was a great experience. I have to commend Kevin Ruby and Loni Newsom and the entire staff at Community Mortgage. They are all very professional and made me feel comfortable doing business with them especially since I hadn't bought a home in over 15 years. They were wonderful about answering questions and concerns and always timely in all responses. They were so great that I turned around and asked them to refinance my other house in December. That was a great experience as well. Thanks again Community Mortgage."

Jon & Jemia Williford / Clients

"This experience was an awesome one for us. We learned so much. However, this process would not have been a success if it wasn't for the great team at community mortgage. Kevin, Loni, & Pamela were awesome, they were patient with us, worked things out on our behalf, guided us through the process every step of the way.They made us appreciate this process even the more and removed so many frustrations and stress off of us. We love each and everyone of them and can't wait to send so many people their way to help them as they helped us.....They Are The BEST!!!!"

Tim and Celeste Riley / Clients

"Thank you for handling our mortgage for us.  We know it was a long struggle dealing with the sellers on this one but we appreciate your patience and perseverance. We closed for less then expected, got a new roof due to the delay and ac and now pay less then what we were paying in rent so thank you soooo much! Our kids can now rest that they are in a stable good school district and we are happy to have a long term investment."

Kyle McElhaney / Client

"Kevin and his Community Mortgage Team were excellent! We were in a pinch after another mortgage company dropped the ball less than 2 weeks to closing. Kevin and his team swooped in to save the day. They were through, fast, friendly, knowledgeable and we still made closing on time. They truly were the team of superheroes we needed at the right time."

Dominique Hall / Client

"I am a witness that Community Mortgage is the #1 best mortgage company, they were sooo helpful and guided me threw the whole way until closing and provided me with all details. I will like to send a special thanks to Mr. Kevin Ruby, Ms Loni, Ms Pamela. And a big thanks to the whole community mortgage group. THANKS"

Zebreta Tyson / Client

"Kevin made things really simple and easy. Once I was approved I found a house and closed on it within a 3 week time frame. I would recommend Community Mortgage and Kevin Ruby to my family and friends."

Alonzo Williams / Client

"Kevin and his team were wonderful. Always available for question and keeping in the loop. I couldn't say Thank You enough to Kevin and his team. THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING OUR DREAM COME TRUE. Very much appreciated. "

Carol and Wayne Whaley / Clients

"From the moment we entered the office to see about a loan Kevin and his wonderful team were a class act. The building took a while but when ready they took action to get us to close quickly. Thank you Community Mortgage."

Daryel Pruitt / Client

"My VA approve and Loan was handle quickly and everything went smoothly. I highly recommend Community Mortgage. Thank you all for the great job you done."

Regine Davis / Client

"You all did a wonderful job, I appreciate everything. Thanks for helping me getting my new home and most of all I want to thank you Mr. Kevin Ruby for listening to me when I was going through that last week of closing thank you so much and thanks to your staff."