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How It Works

Complex, but not complicated

<01> Ballpark with Kevin

With just a couple of figures we can determine pretty easily if we need to take the next step and get serious.  This is easy and painless, I promise.  We've made a very simple form that allows us take a glimpse at the situation.  Nothing official and no credit-checks. 

<2> Pre-Qualify

Are you in the ballpark?  Now, you need to arm yourself and your realtor with the tools to negotiate the best deal on the home.  This pre-qualification letter will allow you to start from a confident place with the builders or owners of your new home.

<3> We go to Work

We work with your agents to gather the documents.  We contact appraisers and inspectors.  We explore the specifics details that are going to make your deal come together.  There are a lot of moving pieces, but we do this all the time - not to worry.

<4> Local Underwriting

We are not figuring this out through a maze of random national underwriters.  We are actually working with our own, in-house underwriters.  This means that things are fast, secure, and without surprise. 

Steps to Approval

In our 25+ years of experience working closely with our clients we have developed a precise process that ensures there are no unexpected problems and that you know what is happening every step of the way. 

{You can download the Community Mortgage process here

This will help you understand how we are going to get you there.

Our Team


Your first point of contact, your leader,  your guide.

NMLS# 77080
Office: (901) 759-4394     Cell: (901) 428-1011     Fax: (901) 759-4455

Email Kevin(kevinruby [at] communitymtg [dot] com)


Loni will communicate with you and your agents each step of the way.  You will know exactly where we are in the process.

NMLS# 118545
Office: (901) 759-4394   Fax: (901) 759-4455

Email Loni(loni [at] communitymtg [dot] com)


From taking the lead, to taking care of the logistics, Gabe is someone you want on your side through this process

NMLS# 1363196
Office: (901) 759-4385     Fax: (901) 759-4455

Email Gabe(gabriel [at] communitymtg [dot] com)

The Community Mortgage Team ALL UNDER ONE ROOF

From the first phone call, through the stages of qualification, on to underwriting, and finally to on-time closing -- the entire team is working for you.

Since 1988, we have been your local, on time mortgage specialist. Mortgages are all we do, and we are committed to results you can count on.

For us, communication is key. Through our proprietary In Touch Process, loans move forward and you stay in the loop every step of the way.

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