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ShaKendra Marr / Client

"Community Mortgage did everything above and beyond for me. My sister and I were so pleased at their hard work and fast respond while buying our first home together. It was great!!! I can’t thank you guys enough for the smooth process."

Earleeb McNairy / Client

"We had a smooth experience.Mr Grant was very informant sending emails about up date information to us during our buying process we also felt very comfortable asking questions and receiving a reply quickly. Thank you Community Mortgage"

Karen Payne / Agent - First National Realty

"Grant Crouch at Community Mortgage is AWESOME to work with. Grant is in tone with the buyer every inch of the way, making them feel comfortable to call and ask questions and he does not down-play their concerns. Grant works close with me as well; agents want to know that the lender is handling the loan and to be assured that if ANY thing goes astray, the lender will, at a minimum, pick up the phone.

I enjoy working with you, Grant!"

Sharlita Rhodes / Client

"I would like to send a extra thanks to Grant Crouch for providing me with outstanding service helping me purchase my new home. For years other loan officers couldn't get it done. With all his professional experience and the quick responses this made the process stress free. From the beginning he made me feel confident that I would be closing on my new home. I will definitely be referring others to him.
Very Satisfied Customer!"