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Gary Deaton

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Hello, I’m Gary Deaton. Thank you for visiting our website. I know you’ll find the services offered here helpful and the loan programs not only convenient, but competitive. It’s my goal to help you cut through the clutter and noise in the mortgage marketplace, so you can quickly and efficiently find a home loan that meets your objectives and fits your lifestyle. As a professional in the mortgage lending industry, I’ve built my reputation on providing outstanding service to my clients. That means you can count on me to always look out for your best interests, and to keep you informed throughout every step of the lending process. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions about the information you find here on our website.

Gary Deaton

Loan Officer
4909 Highway 5 North, Suite 500
Bryant, AR 72022
Direct: 501-651-9592
Fax: 901-759-4373
NMLS: 1786912

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