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John Olson & Alejandro Olson / Clients

"My son Alejandro is in his new home and it is fantastic. He loves it.
Going from a 1 bedroom, 650 square foot apartment to a 2500 square
foot, 4 bedroom, 3 bath house is an adjustment, but I think he will

I can't thank all of you at Community Mortgage enough for your
flexibility and responsiveness. We would have never been able to
close if you hadn't been for Carrie and Demetria and the whole team at
Community Mortgage. As you know, we started with Navy Federal Credit
Union, but early indications were that it was going to be difficult to
work with them. Then our real estate agent, Ansley Neel,
re-recommended Carrie at Community Mortgage. The rates were great and
we switched. It was a great decision.

We mostly interacted with Carrie and Demetria, and it was always a
pleasure. By the way, I know that there were many other people that
were involved in getting the loan established that we don't know by
name - for example the underwriters. We would like to thank all of
them as well. In addition, the appraiser, David Tindall, was key and
went the extra mile - we owe him a special thanks.

One of the things that you should all be aware of is that although
helping a customer buy a house is common and everyday for you, it is a
rare and special event in the lives of your customers. I have only
bought one other house in my life, back in 1992. Buying a home was
one of the biggest and most positive moments in my life and having a
home has positively affected me every day since. Every week, you are
helping people fulfill their dreams and making their lives better.
Helping people buy a home is one of the few jobs where you can have
such a large, lasting, and positive impact on people's lives. You are
truly doing the Lord's work.

Again, we can't thank you enough."