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Here for You

At Community Mortgage, we keep it local. Our underwriters, executive decision makers and support personnel know your neighborhood and understand your needs. And we’re here for you, every step of the way.

Our loan process begins and ends, right here, in our offices. So there are no unforeseen delays due to distance, miscommunication, or a lost file. When you have questions, we have answers and you can find them, right around the corner.

Community Mortgage is committed to closing home loans on time, with no surprises. Once we begin communication and agree to your specific loan program, we move straight forward to our common goal — a successful, on time closing.

We treat you like you matter, because you do. We welcome you, by name. That’s what neighbors do.  Come home to our Community.

Why local?

In mortgage lending, local is a big deal.  With a national lender, you'll often be dealing with multiple staff members in different areas of the country.  While your loan officer may have an office in your city, their processor and underwriter could be in two completely different regions.

Why is this a problem?  First, there is the logistical complication of dealing with multiple time zones and not being able to stop in and sit across the desk from someone.  Second, and much more important, is that requirements and processes change from state to state.  Each state has its own set of regulations and requirements when it comes to mortgage lending.  Different documentation is required and different processes must be followed.  At Community Mortgage, we stick to what we know.  We do it right the first time, and because we process and underwrite out of the areas we lend in, we are able to streamline the process.  We know the local loan programs and assistance programs and we know what it takes to get them closed on time.

Community Mortgage is licensed to originate home loans in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida and Alabama.  We are headquarted in Cordova, TN and have branches in:

-East Memphis (Crump Mortgage)

-Olive Branch, MS

-Oxford, MS

-Chattanooga, TN

-Nashville, TN

-Huntsville, AL

-Central Arkansas

-Atlanta, GA