VA Well Water Testing

The EPA estimates that over 13 million households rely on a private well for their water source. This water source is maintained by the homeowners. When these homes are being sold some types of mortgages will require testing for safe drinking.

The main lending agency that requires testing is the VA. If you are a VA buyer or if you are a Realtor that is representing a VA buyer purchasing a home with a well water source, VA will require a Well Water Test.

What Does a Well Water Test test for?

This test will measure levels of contaminants that may be present:

Coliform Bacteria, pH, Nitrates, Volatile Organic Compounds, etc.

Information about Safe Drinking Water programs by state

Who performs the testing?

Your local health department or private testing labs. Your county governments should have a list of state-certified labs in your area.

Here is a List of certified labs by state

When does this testing occur?

As soon as possible after the contract is bound. Depending on the testing facility, the results can take a few days or a week.

What happens if the test comes back positive for contaminants?

If there is an unsafe level of contaminants detected, the well has to be treated and the water cannot be run for 3 days. After the three days have passed the water should be tested once again.

This is why the testing should be started as soon as possible. If there is treatment involved because of a failed 1st test, the remediation and retesting must be completed before closing. VA requires a passing test before a buyer can close on the home.

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