Tools for Small Business

Who has 10 hours in your day to clean up their database...NO one!

How many of us are trained graphic designers...2!

Who has a beautifully embossed, ever accessible, neat notebook to record Every Single mile for business...Not A Single One of Us...

We asked some of our loan officers about how they stay just a step ahead of it all.

Paging assistant... is a great way to connect with exactly the person to delegate tasks to. You simply post a job, either one time or ongoing, and you get resumes from people from anywhere to help you do the small or large (ahem...3000 person database scrub) projects for your business. Pay through the very secure payroll portal, and like have an assistant, but your going to have to get your own coffee. is a free, yes, free website of endless templates in endless formats that make you look like you are a graphics master. Instagram worthy photos, fonts for days, and simple drag and drop formatting. Dare we say blog worthy pdfs. If you want to choose a picture or two that are premium, only pay as you go, as in $1!

MileIQ isn't a free app ($6/mo), but an app that records our trips automatically and all we have to do is swipe right or left to save or trash...Take Our Money! The best part is when it's time to hand over our mileage log to account, it's a simple pdf download and SEND!

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