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Michael Henson / Client

"Tina, Connie, and the whole team at Community Mortgage were awesome. They were professional, thorough, patient, punctual, and always friendly and kind. I was hardly ever at a loss for what they needed from me and they were always there to explain when I was. I would highly recommend using Community Mortgage for your home buying needs."

Melissa Padron / Client

"Tina was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the buying process. She made it easier step by step along with my realtor, to make my dream house a reality!"

Jessica Wiseman / Client

"THANK YOU to Tina Talarico and to Community Mortgage for helping us with our first major home purchase. Tina was there for us every step of the way and did a huge amount of work to get us the lowest rate possible. She provided instant responses to all of our questions, made sure the process ran smoothly, and even attended our closing in-person. Would highly recommend!"

Earnest Cartwright / Client

"I closed on 09/27/17 thanks to Tina and Cammie the dynamic duo! "

Beverly Hyter / Agent - First National Realty

"I cannot enough about Tina Talarico and her staff at Community Mortgage. The process was quick and pretty seamless. Once my client was approved and we located a home, the actual process went pretty quickly. There were a few little details that we had to take care of but we resolved them quickly, and the one thing I like was I knew what process my file was in at all times. Tina is a loan originator that communicates with you and the buyer so we are all clear what has to take place..Also her processor Cammie is very efficient and if Tina was not available she knew was was going on with the file. Tina and Staff 5 STARS!!!!!"

Maurice Patterson / Client

"The entire staff was very professional with processing the loan which was done quickly and efficiently, if I had to do it over again I would not change a thing. Thanks again to all the staff that made this a pleasant experience."

Karla Fayne / Agent

"Tina provided our mutual client, Amelia, with an excellent buying experience! Amelia and I were both very happy with Tina's service. Amelia was very comfortable with the loan the process and was able to provide all documents needed in a timely manner. As an agent, I really appreciate Tina keeping me in the loop with timely communication so that the closing was on time and the purchase went very smoothly for both buyer and agent!"

James Kidd / Client

"Tina did an amazing job with helping me through the purchase of my first home. She helped me to make an informed decision that was in my best interest and to make the best financial choice for my investment. I can't say enough about the work she did for me, her experience speaks volumes, I never felt alone through any of the process and she was always there to answer any questions I had or address any concerns. Tina and Community Mortgage will be highly recommended from me. Thank you so much for making my dreams come true."

Carolyn Randolph / Agent

"Tina Talarico is a wonderful loan officer to work with. She is very knowledgeable and just a pleasure to work with. My customers are very important to me and I seek the best professionals for them to work with.

Great job!"

Kharyssa Pye / Client

"My experience was great! Tina made sure the process was a breeze. She was always professional and made sure she was available. She hands down made the process less stressful for me. Tina and the rest of the staff treated me like they would have with their own family! I am very satisfied with this company!"

Tamara Williams / Client

"Tina was absolutely amazing. She kept me informed throughout the entire process and answered ALL the many questions of mine being a first time homebuyer. I couldn't have asked for anyone better."

James and Carolyn Quinn / Clients

"We are so excited , elephant blessed , and grateful for our Queen Tina Talarico. Tina so much passion in helping make our life complete. We love how she kept in touch she allowed us to call with any questions no matter what time, her response time always same day. I just got to tell this story, we never have lived in a house we have always lived in apartments, went to a Cryelieke Homeowners function and we finally met the face we had just started talking to on the phone., it was a pleasure. We will forever be grateful for our Queen Tina. I will tell any of my friends or relatives about Tina and her staff, I don't want to forget Cammie and Mrs. Ludwig these ladies also made the transition move smoothly. Community you have a JEWEL in your midst. Thanks again Queen Tina."

Darlene Smith / Client

"I closed on my home in Aug 2016. Throughout my buying process Tina kept me informed. Whenever I had a question, she promptly returned my call or emails, even after hours or over the weekend. She made my buying experience smooth by explaining anything I did not understand and she kept me updated every step of the way. She was never too busy for me. I've purchased property before, but never have I had a loan officer to take such a caring approach. She is wonderful, she exceeded my expectations. I definitely recommend her."

Rasaan Powell / Client

"I'm a first time home buyer and I didn't have a negative experience! Mrs. Tina is AWESOME! Tina is Professional, Courteous and knowledgeable!!!!"

Shelby and Bradley Littleton / Clients

"I can not say it enough on how wonderful Tina was with helping us get our new home in Southaven, MS. She put us in contact with Beth Fuller and from there we were off to the races. Beth put our house on the market on a Sunday and we had an offer on Tuesday well we hadn't even started looking at houses so we started rushing! Well we found the one we wanted and we had to hurry to make the offer and get all the paperwork done because we were going out of town and not to mention the buyer for our home wanted us out in 30 days. So Tina went to work on getting the paperwork to us fast and easy. She made the process so easy and fast. I can not wait to recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house. Thank you again for all your hard work and speed in helping us buy our new home."

Robert Hoff / Client

"I had owned my home for 5 years, and knew that interest rates were low, so I decided to refinance to a 15 year loan. I got in contact with Tina Talarico, a loan officer with Community Mortgage in Southaven, and she assisted me through the refinance process. I have nothing but GREAT things to say about my experience. Tina helped me step-by-step through the process, and was able to come up with exact figures and different scenarios on how to get the most savings. She was very friendly, personable, and professional all at the same time. She treated me like a human being instead of just another box to check. Also, she handled most of the leg work setting up meetings and making phone calls, so I basically just had to sign the documents. After the refinance was completed and I was essentially no longer her client, I had a question regarding my loan. I called her, assuming that because I was no longer her client that I might get pushed to the back of the line, but she immediately took on my question by making phone calls to the closing agent and responded back to me promptly. I cannot say enough good things about Tina Talarico and Community Mortgage. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking of buying a home or refinancing!"

Michael Patterson / Client

"From the first phone call to the last Tina was exceptional in every way. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She made the process less stressful. Thank you for all you did."

Wandria Whitted / Client

"Thank God for Tina and Community Mortgage staff for being so patient while I was gong through my situation with the old house.

Tina start helping me from day one of being introduced to her by my realtor Fran Seward from Franchise Realty.  She assured me that she would answer any questions and she gave me contact numbers to reach her day or night!  Every time a road block came up, she helped me understand it and gave me resolutions.

I have purchased a lovely home and I thank God for Tina and Community Mortgage for being there every step of the way.

I will recommend all my family, friends, co workers and Veterans to Tina and Community Mortgage for their loan application process when they begin their house search."