Nicholas Selig / Client

"I chose Community Mortgage because of Dawn Franklin. She went out of her way to help me with all my questions, and she was always ready to help whenever she could."

Silke Ball / Client

"We could have not asked for a better loan officer. Dawn was from beginning to closing very professional. She always promptly answered any questions we had, explained every step of the process, and always kept us up to date. She went above and beyond to help us close with our VA loan in less than 30 days! Thank you Dawn with Community Mortgage."

Miranda Williams / Client

"Dawn was super helpful throughout the process. She made sure to get all paperwork in so that I could close on the house all within one month."

Mia Rush / Client

"As a transplant from Georgia because of work I decided to purchase another home. I was fortunate enough to find a good realtor who recommended several mortgage companies, all of which allowed me to fill out loan applications online. Luckily one of those companies was Community Mortgage. I filled out several online applications on a Sunday, later that afternoon I got a call from Dawn Franklin from Community Mortgage. She was very happy to be working with me on a Sunday and because of that I knew I had found the right person to assist me through the mortgage process. Anyone who works on Sunday that doesn't necessarily have to either really loves their job or has a work ethic like mine or both. Dawn falls into the both category. About 10 years ago my husband and I flipped houses but our last flip was in 2008 /2009. I hadn't been through the home buying process since the market crash and have to tell you there is a mountain of paperwork that has to be provided now. Dawn walked me through every step of the way and was on top of every delay we encountered from the selling side. She even met a competitive rate from another company and upon the continuing delays from the sellers, assured me we could extend the lock period to maintain my interest rate. Dawn joined us at the closing table and gave all of us, even the sellers, a goody bag. But wait, there is more. During this process I was living in a camper on the river. The weather got very rough a few times and Dawn offered me a place to stay if I needed it. We had never even met face to face. I was so appreciative of that gesture especially knowing that most people wouldn't have even thought about doing it. And now, even as I have moved into my new house, Dawn is still helping me with selling my camper. She was fantastic to work with through the mortgage process. Now though, she has become more than that, she is a trusted friend. willing to help out in whatever way she can.

Thank you Dawn for everything."