Sharleen Sundin / Agent - Groome & Co Realtors

"Had a Great experience working with the people at Community Mortgage. They were on top of things and very helpful whenever help was needed. They go above and beyond for their clients. I will definitely refer my clients to Community Mortgage & look forward to working with them again! Andrew O'Fee and his team are Wonderful!!"

Nicholis Christian / Client

"We love our new house, and it was great working with Andrew!"

Adam and Lindsay Blake / Clients

"I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful our family is for Andy O'Fee or as we refer to him "the Yankee Closer".  He has definitely earned that name with us twice over and even exceeds his awesome reputation. We had met him but didn't know him well when we started this whole process and chose him because of his reputation and we knew him to be an honest person that we felt we could trust. He got all our paperwork and told us what we were pre-approved for in just a couple days. We sold our house within a week & found the house of our dreams and set a close date for both. After a month of repairs and planning and packing, we moved out completely on Saturday and went to close on Monday. We closed on our end and were waiting for keys to swap and our buyer to close when we got the news....the awful news....the kind of news you don't want to hear when you are completely moved out, power has been transferred and you don't even have keys the your home anymore...our buyers lender told her something came back and she was denied. ON THE DAY OF CLOSING! We couldn't believe someone would wait so long to figure that out. We were crushed. Partly because we were homeless, but mostly because that means we would have to go back on the market and lose our dream home. Well, thats when the Yankee Closer came to our rescue!! He asked the agent if they would mind if he took a look at it to see what he could do. My husband said "If the Yankee closer can't do it, then no one can!" Well, the rest is history! Andy saved the contract on their side and were able to get it approved for our buyer, got all of our paperwork done & closed and did it all in a 2 week turn around time so we could still close on our new home. They even gave us "swag" (an awesome candle, t-shirts and a beautiful picture with our name on it for our home) We couldn't believe it!!! He closed the unclosable! I write this all while sitting in our perfect home so grateful that we might the right decision in who we chose and can't even fathom why anyone would use anyone else!! Thanks Andy & Crump Mortgage!! We have already told everyone we know!"

Brian Boluyt / Cient

"Andrew is one of a kind! With less than a month to close, and several major game changers, he handled every curve with extreme professionalism. With this deal, he earned his money! I hope (for his sake) this is not the norm. His kindness, spirit of co-operation and positive attitude were extremely helpful in a fast changing environment. Thank you Andrew for all your help!"

Erica Mays / Client

"Crump Mortgage is by far the best mortgage company in the universe. As a first time homebuyer I worked with Mr.Andrew O'Fee, and he walked me through this process step by step. He was always available to answer questions, and clear up any confusion in regards to buying a house. What is generally a hassle to others, became a much more simplified process for me. His level of expertise gave me a great amount of confidence, which is comforting especially during the escrow period. There's a lot of uncertainties that arise, but the level of consistency from my loan officer helps. I was notified any time there was a discrepancy, which allowed for a quick resolution. With this being said, I was able to close on my home a week early. He has a great team that supports him . They did an excellent job and I will always be thankful for their outstanding service. My blessing in disguise."

Lesley Clavijo / Client

"My husband and I had no idea that our lending had been declined by a national lender. It was literally a week before we were supposed to close when we found out!  We were devastated by the potential loss of the property and the investment we had already made. We were also highly frustrated by the lack of communication by the other lender.  We didn't know where to turn!  Our realtor recommended Andrew O'Fee from Crump Mortgage as being the go to guy to get our financing complete. Boy, was she right! Andrew went out of his way to stay in close communication with us during the whole process and helped expedite the process as much as possible. Without Andrew and Crump Mortgage we may not be sitting in our dream house today!  We are truly grateful for his professionalism and expertise!"

Michael Jacques / General Contractor at Reid Homes, Inc.


"Andy went above and beyond to save a real estate deal for me. His knowledge and expertise was very helpful throughout the process. He kept me and my clients up to date with what was going on. The communication is a big deal when buying a house and Andy made my clients feel comfortable the whole time. I would highly reccomend Andy to any of my clients."

Nancy Huddleston / Realtor John Green & Company

"Andrew goes above and beyond to help realtors and his clients. He is very supportive and mails us brochures for each open house we have. He is extremely dedicated and is excellent at what he does. A great asset to Memphis and goes up as one of the top mortgage bankers in Memphis."

Clint Nef / Client

"Andy O'Fee and his team at Crump Mortgage were great. The process was smooth and stress free. Each time I had a question I received a fast response addressing all of my concerns. Thanks Andy!"